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Better Insider Risk Management

Corporate Insights, your ultimate suite of solutions designed to support HR, Risk, Compliance teams and Investigators, with informed insights to efficiently manage insider risk.

Our software provides a comprehensive set of features that not only reduces compliance and investigation costs but pinpoints risks.

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Key Advantages

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Risk Results at a Glance

Look at your entire organisation at a glance.
Our software enables you to identify, assess, and mitigate insider risks effectively.

Stay ahead of conflicts of interest, lifestyle red-flags and financial loss that could
impact your bottom line.

Comprehensive Compliance


Supports FIC Directive 8.

Comprehensive Compliance

Conflict 360 offers a detailed understanding of adverse lifestyle behaviours that could otherwise contribute to collusion and fraudulent activities.

Save Time & Money

Leveraging our advanced technology, focus on what is important and stay ahead of the curve.

Save Time & Money

Say goodbye to tedious, time consuming, expensive, manual assessments and investigations and embrace an approach that delivers unparalleled visibility.

Intelligent Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of your entire organisation’s risk profile with continuously updated reports.

Intelligent Reporting

Bid farewell to the hassle of drawing reports from disparate systems. Enjoy a centralised hub for organisational reporting, streamlining analysis efforts.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Stay one step ahead of potential risks with our proactive risk management tools, empowering you to take preventive and corrective action.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Flag employees and family members with connections to suppliers, enhancing transparency and risk management.

Key Features

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Intuitive Interface

User-friendly and intuitive, our software ensures that you can navigate through complex information effortlessly, allowing quick and accurate comprehension to enable decision-making.

Secure Solutions

Strong safeguards, data encryption and multifactor authentication tools meet the requirements of security sensitive organisations.

Fully Customisable

Tailor our solution to fit your organisation’s unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing workflow.

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API Platform

Securely take data in a low code environment into your on-premises applications to create new opportunities, streamline operations and to accelerate digital transformation.

Here’s what our customers say

  • Automated lifestyle assessment, using the latest techniques and technologies around advanced analytics, data, information insights and machine learning enables us to stay one step ahead of fraud risks.

    Lee Naik
    CEO TransUnion
  • Corporate Insights has provided a better understanding into conflict of interest risk with our employees, their fit and proper standing, what would and wouldn’t make sense regarding their role vs their salary. Having this insight helps to mitigate the potential risks within the organisation. The data provided also helps us link potential conflict of interests.

    Insurance Industry Internal Auditor
  • Automated supplier risk assessment, using the latest techniques and technologies using information insights and machine learning enabled us to ensure that we strengthened our governance reporting.

    Pharmaceutical Company Compliance Officer
  • This is the most comprehensive and user friendly conflict of interest verification system I have ever used. all the information is in one place and the insights that we obtain has identified risks that we would not normally flag with the way we were used to doing conflict of interest checking

    Telecommunications and Data Industry Forensics Manager
  • Above and beyond the mobile and desktop apps being easy to use, the support and engagement from the Corporate Insights team is excellent.

    Mining Industry, Security Manager

Award Winning Solutions


2022 SA Innovation
League Award

Emerging Organisations

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  • Science and technology


2021 Da Vinci Award

Best Innovation Concept

Automated Lifestyle Assessment Solution

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  • Science and technology
  • Da vinci


2021 Women in Tech

Regional Finalist and
Country Winner

  • Southern Africa Startup Awards
  • Global Startup awards


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