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Conflict 360

Unveiling the Power of Proactive Risk Mitigation

Proactive Conflict Mitigation

Revolutionizing conflict resolution and risk mitigation. Experience proactive management, safeguarding integrity, and empowering data-driven decisions for thriving in a competitive landscape.

Elevating Conflict of Interest Management

Elevating Conflict of Interest Management

In the realm of risk management, traditional approaches to handling conflicts of interest are ineffective. Enter Conflict 360 – a groundbreaking solution that redefines interest declaration systems, fortified with real-time updates and advanced verification protocols. Uncover how our cutting-edge technology thwarts activities rooted in conflicts of interest, bolstering your defences against potential threats.

Board Management

The Proactive Approach to Risk Mitigation

Conflict 360 introduces a proactive paradigm to risk detection, significantly reducing the potential occurrence of fraudulent activities. By staying ahead of conflicts of interest, we help safeguard the integrity of your organisation, fortify your reputation, and ensure the well-being of both your business and your employees.

Data Report

Empowering Your Organization with Risk-based Assessments

Our risk-based and automated assessment techniques empower your organisation to identify, assess, and mitigate insider risks with unparalleled efficiency. Harness the power of data-driven insights to outmanoeuvre potential conflicts and financial losses that could jeopardise your standing in the market.

Key Features of Conflict 360

  • Seamless Integration

    Utilise your existing forms and data, ensuring a smooth transition andimmediate applicability.

  • Centralised Reporting

    Bid farewell to the hassle of drawing reports from disparate systems. Enjoy a centralised hub for organisational reporting, streamlining analysis efforts.

  • Undisclosed Conflicts or Interests

    Uncover conflict of interests which have not been declared

  • Identify Common Business Interests

    Identify employees sharing business interests and uncover connections that transparency and risk management.

  • Uncover Undeclared Conflicts

    Root out undeclared conflicts to maintain an environment of accountability and trust.

  • Holistic Business Interest Coverage

    Extend coverage to all business entities – companies, close corporations, trusts, and sole proprietorships.

  • Dynamic Reporting

    Slice and dice data comprehensively for actionable insights.

  • Visualise Connections

    Leverage link chart analysis to visually map intricate relationships for better decision-making.

  • Corporate Branded Reports

    Generate polished reports in various formats with a single click, including PDF and Office 365 formats.

  • API Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Conflict 360 with your existing systems using secure API data.

Experience the Future of Risk Management

Unlock a new era of risk mitigation that empowers your organisation to thrive while staying ahead of potential threats. Connect with us today to explore how Conflict 360 can reshape your risk management strategy for a more secure and prosperous future.
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