Transforming Risk into Opportunity

Lifestyle 360 combines data automation with real-time insights, uncovering hidden risks and fostering growth opportunities for organisations.

Elevating Conflict of Interest Management

Uncovering Red Flags

Traditional fraud detection systems often fail to connect the dots across various data sources, leaving fraud signals scattered and difficult to spot.
Lifestyle 360 is a revolutionary solution that harmonises and centralises these signals, creating a powerful tool for identifying potential risks.

Say goodbye to tedious time consuming, expensive, manual assessments and investigations, and embrace a comprehensive approach that delivers unparalleled visibility.

Board Management

Integrated Approach to Risk Management

Lifestyle 360 brings a new era of fraud detection by providing a comprehensive view of various lifestyle behaviour red flags. These indicators, when left unaddressed, can cast shadows over the integrity of organisations, customer service centres, and supply chains.

By examining positions of trust, Lifestyle 360 offers an intricate understanding of adverse lifestyle behaviours that could otherwise contribute to collusion and fraudulent activities.

Data Report

Harness the Power of Real-time Data

Lifestyle 360 operates in an always-on mode, tapping into the most current stream of data to provide insights. This real-time approach empowers organisations to carry out fit-and-proper assessments effortlessly. Coordinating all the data into a single platform, Lifestyle 360 offers a clear and centralised perspective that was previously unattainable.

Key Features of Lifestyle 360

  • Seamless Orchestration

    Lifestyle 360 aggregates signals from disparate systems, delivering a holistic view of potential risks.

  • Centralised Visibility

    Gain a clear vantage point over lifestyle behaviour red flags, enhancing your organisation’s overall risk management strategy.

  • Real-time Insights

    Always-on data analysis ensures that you’re equipped with the latest information for accurate assessments.

  • Enhanced Collusion Detection

    Uncover hidden connections and relationships that could contribute to fraudulent activities.

  • Privacy Assurance

    Lifestyle 360 places a high emphasis on data privacy, incorporating robust encryption and anonymization techniques.

  • Effortless Fit and Proper Assessments

    Streamline the process of evaluating fitness for roles and positions of trust within your organisation.

    1. Comprehensive Financial Distress Assessments
    2. Undisclosed Income and Wealth
    3. Collusion with Suppliers.

Transforming Risk into Opportunity

Lifestyle 360 isn’t just about mitigating risks – it’s about transforming them into opportunities for growth and improvement. By identifying and addressing adverse lifestyle behaviours, you’re not only safeguarding your organisation but also fostering an environment of integrity and trust.
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